Course curriculum

    1. Chapter Introduction/Welcome

    2. Before We Begin-Get to Know You Survey & Quiz

    3. What is a Plant Based Diet

    4. Why a Plant Based Diet

    5. Debunking Vegan Myths Vs. Truth

    6. Quick Quiz to Review & Retain New Information

    7. Where To Get Your: Protein, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C

    8. DOWNLOAD: Where to Get Your Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C & Iron PDF

    9. HW Assignment: Watch & Reflect Documentary

    1. Recognize the Current State of our Planet & Inter Connectivity of Animal Agriculture

    2. Scarcity of Natural Resources & Impact of a Plant Based Diet

    3. Earth Deadlines!

    4. Test Your Knowledge

    5. Worksheet of Connecting Cause & Effect- Animal Agriculture & Us

    1. What is Carnism

    2. Importance of Identifying your why of going Vegan

    3. Assignment-Identifying Motivation in Mental Prep Journal

    4. Recognizing Food Choice as a Culturally Diverse Belief System- Real Life Scenario

    5. Identify Experience of Moral Tension

    6. Recognizing How Words Influence our emotions, reactions & perceptions of food & situations

    7. Assignment- Identifying Emotional Reaction to Food in Mental Prep Journal

    8. Test Your Knowledge- Review Reasons to Go Vegan & What Vegans Eat *Introduce next lesson*

    1. Cleaning Out Your Home of Non-Vegan Products

    2. Preparing Your List of Essentials

    3. 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning Mini E-Book

    4. Ideas to Substitute Animal's Milk, Cheese & Eggs.pdf

    5. Helpful Tips to Sustaining The New Habits

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