Why Vegan Soul Work University

  • Queens Only

    Exclusive Community of Women Vegans & Non-Vegans seeking to: 1)Educate Ourselves 2)Elevate our Consciousness! 3)Connect with our Humanity, Self & Others!

  • Real, Relatable & Practical Approach

    Natalee is a Women's Holistic Wellness & Plant Nutrition Coach with over 2 years of experience! Look forward to a Holistic, Practical, No Fluff approach to Transitioning, Maintaining & Elevating Your Vegan Journey & Optimal Wellness

  • Community & Connection

    Group Discussions, Private FB Groups for courses including Watch & Cook Virtual Parties, Women's Wellness Virtual Retreats & more!

Advantages of VSW Univ. Online Courses & Community

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  • No extra money spent on supplies or additional products needed to start YOUR journey to Optimal Wellness Mentally & Physically.

  • Practical Straight to the implementing Training at your pace! When & Where ever you are!

  • No outside pop up's, ads or irrelevant information not relevant to what YOU need to acquire-skills to go Vegan or achieve an elevated self awarness of Climate Crisis & Veganism from a Social Science Perspective.

  • Busy schedule? No Problem! Access & learn at your own pace at home or on the go & connnect with a global community of Queens & GentleWomen supporting YOU & YOUR Journey!

  • No more sifting through tons of different Social Media & Internet posts for Vegan receipes without the ingredients at home or familiarity to the Social Science & Environmental aspect of Veganism.


  • Will I need to Purchase Supplies to take the course?

    Nope! Save your money to spend on the actual groceries & kitchen supplies to start cooking & living your best life! My mission is to genuinely to help you transition your mind and home to a Vegan Lifestyle & equip you with the intro to Veganism from a Environmental & Psychological & Factual approach.

  • Is this only for Women?

    YES YES & YES! Queen's deserve a safe & empowering space just for us & is my personal calling and purpose. Empowered Women...Empower Women.

  • Will there be other instructors or guest?

    Yes! When you join VSW Univ. look forward to interviews with Vegan Restaurants/Skincare/Cosmetics Businesses, Cooking Courses with other Plant Based Chefs & Nutritionists & SO MUCH MORE!

  • Is VSW University also for exisiting Vegans?

    Yes Queen! Perhaps you went Vegan for your own personal health reasons or for the animals but desire to understand how Veganism is connected to Climate Change and/or support, share & connect with other Vegan & Transitioning Vegan Women in a safe space! Not to mention- Vegan or not what Queen doesn't want to elevate their self-image, self-confidence & mind?

  • Will I learn how to cook Vegan food?

    Yes! My approach is Holistic approach to ensure you have the what, how & why of a Vegan Lifestyle vs a diet. As a VSW Lovely, you will have access to purchase E-books of Fun & Familiar Vegan Recipes & a Vegan Starter Kit included in Courses with research backed-facts & no fluff!